‚ÄčA double bi-fold door built for a home in Point Loma. It's made from African Sapele. 


An interior door made of Walnut for a couple in Idyllwild.

An exterior door made from Red Oak. It took 2nd place in the Design in Wood exhibit at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar 

A Rose Path

An exterior door built for the Julian Art Gallery.  It's made of Walnut with Birch inlay.  It was published in the Spring 2013 issue of Arts & Crafts Homes magazine.

Ilan-Lael Caretaker Cottage 

Golden Hills Door

winged warrior

An asymmetrical double interior door made of Mahogany.

Koi Pond

Front door with openable window.

Bathroom door for Hubbell's Caretaker Cottage


An interior door made from Mahogany. Awarded 3rd place in Design in Wood exhibit at Del Mar.

Stag In The Wood